Three Decisions

Did you know there are three key decisions you can make today to determine your future? Only three.

Many people are unsatisfied with where they are now, yet they are stuck because they don’t know what to do about it. MOST people don’t actually know where they want to go; they just know that where they are right now is not where they want to be. And that is sad. It’s sad because it’s a wasted life. It’s actually very easy to get what you want if you make these three decisions, in this order:

  1. Decide what you WANT
  2. Decide WHY you want what you want
  3. Decide to do one thing every day to move closer to your goal

The first step is to decide what you want. It sounds easier than it is because most people have no idea what they want. Most of us are not used to making decisions about our own life. I know that sounds strange but it’s true. We focus a lot of attention on those around us – our children, our partners, our family members and our friends… but we very often do not give a second thought to what it is that we want. We are so concerned with making others happy that we put ourselves last. Either that, or we are so concerned with what other people think of us that we run around like a chicken trying to make everything “right” and make everyone else happy.

Spend some time thinking about what YOU want. Write it down.
Then think about WHY you want what you want. Is it that “thing” that you really want…? Or is it a certain condition that “thing” will bring you?
Here’s an example: A man is asked, “What would you do if you won a million dollars?” and he replies, “I’d go fishing!” Well guess what? It doesn’t cost a million dollars to go fishing.


Maybe what he really wanted was one day a month to do something he loves.
Maybe he wanted a day off.
Maybe he just wanted some time alone.
Maybe he wanted to buy a little boat and some fishing gear.
That’s easy.
Once you’ve decided what you want and WHY you want it (the condition you’re after), decide to do one thing every single day to move you closer to your goal. Every single day. Even if it’s a tiny little thing. Maybe one day you cut out a picture of a boat from a magazine. One day you arrange for the bank to automatically transfer $50 a week into a savings account. One day you pick up the study materials for the boating license exam. One day you ask your brother if you can have dad’s old fishing gear….

You get it, right? Do you see the difference between wishing, hoping and doing? If one person sat around and did positive affirmations all day long, wishing and hoping for a boat… and the other person took the action steps listed above, who has more invested in making their goal come to fruition? Obviously the action taker.

And here is the KEY. Make a DECISION and take action.

These three decisions will determine your future. Deciding to not make any decisions (deciding to NOT decide) is another option and you will be 100% guaranteed to NOT reach your goals.

So… what do you want?