Prominence Publishing

We help people write books that change the world!

Prominence Publishing

We help people write books that change the world!

Suzanne and client

Suzanne has made it possible for me to publish my first book; a dream come true. Without her expertise and guidance, this would not have been possible. I am so very grateful for Suzanne’s support and encouragement.

Karen Webb Author, 12 Tips to Ensure a Successful School Year

Suzanne, I just wanted to let you know that because of YOU, I continue to give away my first book almost weekly, as a free gift to prospective parents who are interested in music lessons at my school. Because of YOU I wrote my second book and yesterday I posted it as my IFO opt-in and 100 people have requested it!!!! Cannot even believe it. What a great way to build my list. Thank you, Suzanne, for what you do

Jen Hickle, Author of Happy Kids, Growing Biz

“This program was an answer to prayer, and the missing piece to the puzzle of externalizing what was in my head/heart. It helped answer so many questions I had about where to start, how to organize my process and where to find the resources to see my book realized.

I’d recommend it a thousand times over!”

Rheanna Arfsten
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