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“Suzanne, I just wanted to let you know that because of YOU, I continue to give away my first book almost weekly, as a free gift to prospective parents who are interested in music lessons at my school. Because of YOU I wrote my second book and yesterday I posted it as my IFO opt-in and 100 people have requested it!!!! Cannot even believe it. What a great way to build my list. Thank you, Suzanne, for what you do.”

– Jen Hickle, Author of Happy Kids, Growing Biz

“My biggest fear in the beginning was spending a great deal of money and ending up with a project that was unprofessional and unusable. In the end, I’m very proud of the way the book looks and how it reads. My favorite part of the project was actually seeing my first proof. After hours of effort you hope for the best and Suzanne’s collaboration helped to make it a successful reality. Of course, seeing the media splash at the end was the most fun. My family watching it climb to #1 [on Amazon] was a wonderful thing to share. High-fives all around!

I greatly appreciated Suzanne’s professional collaboration and thoughtful advice throughout the process. This was a major undertaking for me and my biggest fear was an amateurish, unprofessional result that did not reflect my “voice”. Suzanne listened to my plans for the project, provided input when I needed it, and helped my vision become a reality. Additionally, I could have never created the media buzz about the book which, I feel, gave it significantly more credibility. Suzanne did a great job!”

-Gayle Barton, best-selling author of Real Estate Uncensored



“Having been a licensed Real Estate Broker for 24 years, I was delighted to be introduced to Suzanne Doyle-Ingram thru a very trusted friend.  Even more exciting was the thought that I could be a published author by participating in the book “The Art of Buying and Selling Real Estate” with other top real estate Brokers in California.  The process from start to finish was flawless, the product was top-notch and the reaction I am getting from clients, associates, family and friends is, quite frankly, overwhelming.  The process has been such a positive experience on me and my business that I am thinking about writing my own full book about my years as a Real Estate Broker.  Thank you Suzanne for the gift of putting thoughts to paper and knowing what to do with them!”  – Rudy LaBrada, Co-Author, The Art of Buying & Selling Real Estate

Here is Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven, Author of PR Works!


“Please be advised that I whole-heartedly recommend Suzanne to anyone who would want to write a book and “get their name in lights”.  Suzanne was inquisitive, persistent, tenacious, a guiding light and very positive and encouraging.  She seemed to almost pull the story from me and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her and create what I thought was a wonderful product.  Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend anyone to utilize her considerable services to put their story out there for all to hear!
– Roy R. Tedsen, Investment Realty – Co-Author of The Art of Buying & Selling Real Estate

Here is Dr. Jody Cox, DC, Author of A Better Way:

Here is Dana Pharant, Author of Beyond Fear:

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Here is Cindy Taylor, Author of What’s Next?


Here is Angela Rae from Angela Rae Designs

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Here is Bonnie Terry, Multiple Best Selling Author of ADHD Strategies Series

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Here is Patti Morrison, Author of First Impressions: Dressing For Impact

“When Suzanne contacted me about contributing to her book I honestly did not know what to think. I figured it wouldn’t hurt and decided to do it. I was excited to see what the finished product turned out like. Suzanne was a pleasure to work with and my clients are all impressed I’m an author now as well! Thanks Suzanne!”
Chris Abbott
Author, The Real Skinny on Fitness and Nutrition


“Suzanne has made it possible for me to publish my first book; a dream come true. Without her expertise and guidance, this would not have been possible. I am so very grateful for Suzanne’s support and encouragement.”
Karen Webb
Author, 12 Tips to Ensure a Successful School Year


“Thanks for guiding and encouraging me. This is a life long goal and I am living my dreams. I hope you feel the appreciation and regard I have for you and your talents. I would not have started without your help.”
Scott Davis
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