Case Studies

We have had so many people go through our programs and achieve success that we have put togetherĀ some case studies to show you how writing a book can help you grow your business.


Here is an interview with Russ Qureshi, a Realtor who used his book to land a $589k listing within days of receiving his box of books with his picture on the cover. As Russ says, “We sent out an email to our entire database announcing that I was a best selling author and offered a free copy of the book and it resulted in 15 leads…. Hard to believe that such a tiny investment, can result in being able to touch clients I hadn’t spoken to in years. We are ‘top of mind’ again and in the real estate game, that’s what you need to be.”

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Patti is an Image Strategist who went through our Expert Author Program and wrote her book by following the simple steps in our program.

Since writing her book, Patti has been invited to speak at events, has held workshops and even designed her own training program based on her book.

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Rudy is a Realtor in Upland, California. He was featured in a chapter in The Art of Buying & Selling Real Estate. He says it has paid for itself many times over. He does not like to be pushy or aggressive and he says that after people see a copy of his book on his desk or on display in his office, they usually come to him and ask him for an autographed copy.

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Nancy is the PR Maven from Maine. She tried other writing programs before, but says that Suzanne’s Expert Author Program was the one that worked! Her book has openedĀ up many doors for her and brought her a level of authority that can only come from having a book.

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