Should you sell your book from your website or on Amazon?
Posted on: March 2, 2017

People ask me, “Suzanne, should I sell my book on my website or Amazon?”

Answer: Let’s see, Amazon gets about 200 million visitors a week and your website gets…? 1,000? I don’t mean to be rude, but Amazon is where all the eyeballs are. Don’t be so attached to your book that you feel you must sell it only from your website. If so, you’ll spend every waking hour just trying to drive traffic to your website so they can see your book. (How do I know this? Because this is exactly what I did with my first book!)

Here’s what to do: Both. Get out of your own way and let Amazon do the work.

Have a great, SEO-optimized listing of your book on Amazon. AND also have your book prominently displayed on your website. BUT – link out to Amazon. That’s right, link your book right to Amazon so if your visitor clicks on it, they can go buy it on Amazon. (Make sure this link opens in a new window. This helps with your bounce rate.)

This gives you credibility in the eyes of your visitor because they think, “Oh! Her book is on Amazon? Wow, she must be kind of a big deal!” Also, they can TRUST that if they buy your book on Amazon, they will actually receive the book. Amazon is a well known brand with high trust triggers.

If you are selling your book only from your website, what a hassle. What does this mean? Do you have to constantly remember to check to see if anyone bought a book, then sit at your kitchen table and package it up and then remember to go to the post office the next day to mail it to them? Eewwww, sounds awful to me.

When your book is on Amazon, they just hold the digital file of your book and every time someone orders it, they print ONE copy and send it to the customer. Did you know that? It’s called Print on Demand and it has changed everything about publishing.

So, the bottom line is that you should let Amazon take care of your fulfillment. You can still list your book on your website (look at what we did here on our Books page) but have your customer go to Amazon to buy it.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me.