Here are the services we offer at Prominence Publishing…

Private Coaching

For most people, the only way to write a book from start to finish is with the help of an experienced book coach.  A book writing coach can shave years off your timeline and give you the support, encouragement and accountability that you need. Book a free Strategy Session with Suzanne today and decide if this is right for you. Suzanne will take you by the hand and practically pull your book out of you. What are you waiting for? Today is the day for you to start writing your book.

The Expert Author Program

The Expert Author Program is an on-demand course that teaches coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and business professionals how to write a book, step-by-step, from “I don’t know where to start” all the way to uploading your finished book to Amazon.

We have helped many, many professionals write books with this program.

Take a look at the screenshot, below. Sheri Scott, an architect from Ohio, is a graduate of The Expert Author Program. She says that she has now landed EVERY job where she has given the prospects a copy of her book. That’s a 100% closing rate!


The Expert Author Program is NOW OPEN. Click Here for full details and to register.

Done-For-You Publishing Package

Sometimes authors come to us and say, “Ack! I’ve finished my book and I simply cannot stand looking at it for another second! Please take it off my hands and get it up on Amazon!!!”

We love clients like that 🙂

Seriously, we love to take your finished book, format it professionally, design the cover for you, create your Amazon Author account and get it all done for you.

The day the proof copy of your book arrives for us to check, it’s just as exciting as if it were one of our OWN books!

Click HERE for more information on our Publishing Package.

Ghost Writing

From time to time we ghost write books for clients who are too busy to write them themselves. This service starts at $10,000 USD and takes about 4-6 months. Call our office for more information about ghost writing or book a free 30-minute call to discuss your options.

Author Boost Package

We offer an Author Boost Package that includes:

  • Optimization of your book on Amazon
  • Set up (or improvement) of your Amazon Author Page
  • Online radio interview about your book topic
  • National news release announcing that you were featured on the radio show with a link to your book
  • We can guarantee that after this promotion your book will achieve best seller status on Amazon within 10 days of your interview

This package is NOT about getting book sales. It is not a long term book marketing campaign. It is meant to provide a jumpstart for your book and to create powerful positioning for you as an authority on your topic. Book a free call with Suzanne today to get started.

Multi-Author Books

One of our favorite projects involves working with 10-15 people who each write one chapter in a book. Usually we interview them and write the chapter for them, so it makes it quick and easy for them to become published authors. We have done multi-author books for fitness professionals, wedding professionals, and real estate professionals. We are looking forward to working with many other niches in future.

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