Multi-Author Books:

We are currently working on several exciting projects. These multi-author book projects are ideal for professionals that want to increase their profile and credibility to help gain more clients. Becoming a published author is ideal for speaking engagements, workshops, open houses and professional development.


real estate CA

We just finished a book for California Realtors which was a successful project. We interviewed Realtors and each of them is featured in their own chapter in the book. We launched this book to best seller on Amazon and the Realtors were thrilled. You can see this book on Amazon here.  Here’s what one of the co-authors had to say:

“Having been a licensed Real Estate Broker for 24 years, I was delighted to be introduced to Suzanne Doyle-Ingram thru a very trusted friend.  Even more exciting was the thought that I could be a published author by participating in the book “The Art of Buying and Selling Real Estate” with other top real estate Brokers in California.  The process from start to finish was flawless, the product was top-notch and the reaction I am getting from clients, associates, family and friends is, quite frankly, overwhelming.  The process has been such a positive experience on me and my business that I am thinking about writing my own full book about my years as a Real Estate Broker.  Thank you Suzanne for the gift of putting thoughts to paper and knowing what to do with them!”  – Rudy LaBrada



Womens Book Cover



Currently we are finishing up another exciting project entitled “How to Buy & Sell Real Estate in Today’s Market” featuring women in real estate from all over North America. This project has been so much fun and we have met some wonderful women!





The Secrets to Natural Health and Wellness


We have a health and wellness book in progress titled “Healthy Living: Secrets to Natural Health and Wellness, Featuring Interviews with Natural Health Professionals.” We are currently seeking natural health practitioners to interview for this book.











Based on our success with a previous Chiropractor client we are also producing the book “Beyond The Back.” You can find more information here.








We just announced this book called “The Mortgage Maze: Navigating Your Way Through Real Estate Financing in Today’s Economy.” We are seeking mortgage professionals in California for this project. The exciting news is that we are donating 100% of the retail royalties on this book to Project Hope Alliance in Orange County.







We are currently ghost writing 3 books as well.

If you would like to know more about writing or publishing your book, please send us a message through our Contact page.