Should you sell your book from your website or on Amazon?

People ask me, “Suzanne, should I sell my book on my website or Amazon?” Answer: Let’s see, Amazon gets about 200 million visitors a week and your website gets…? 1,000? I don’t mean to be rude, but Amazon is where all the eyeballs are. Don’t be so attached to your book that you feel you […]

Publishing Your Book – Who Not to Use

If you are thinking about publishing a book, do yourself a favor and do not use iUniverse, AuthorHouse, Balboa Press or any of those other big “Self Publishing” companies. You will have limited control over any future changes you want to make to your book. Plus, they ding you $30 here and $50 there for […]

What Should I Write my Book About?

People are always asking me, “Suzanne, what should I write my book about?” Have you always wanted to write a book, but you have no idea what it should be about? Hopefully this video will help. It’s actually a copy of my Facebook Live video that I did today. The most important question to ask […]

23 Reasons to Write an Entreprenurial Book

#1 You find yourself saying the same thing each and every time you meet with a new client At my annual lunch with my accountant last year, she was saying how frustrating it is that she has to start at “ground zero” every time she gets a new client. It’s important to her that they […]

What Do These 11 Inspiring Women Have in Common?

What do these 11 inspiring women have in common, besides they are all entrepreneurs? They all co-wrote a book! It was my dream to put this book together and today it is launching on Amazon. These women were amazing to work with. They are all soooo smart!