How to Set Up Your Author Central Account
Posted on: April 27, 2017

Did you know that once you have a book on Amazon, they’ll give you an Amazon Author page for free? You can usually get your own name! It’s very valuable virtual real estate. Here’s how to do it:

After your book is live on Amazon, it’s time to set up your Author Central account. We usually do this for our clients, because it’s fast and easy for us. But if you would like to do it yourself, here is how to do it.

#1 – First, go to

You will see this registration page:


#2 РThen,  you will see Terms and Conditions.

Read them and accept. Check your emails and click on the email to verify your account.

#3 – Then you will see a Welcome page that look like this:


#4 – Click on “Author Page.”

Add your Bio, your photo, and a link to your blog’s RSS feed (if applicable). You can even add videos. Don’t overcomplicate this. The most important thing is your Bio and your picture.



#5 – Then you need to connect your name to your book.



#6 – Type in the name of your book, or your author name, or the ISBN number and click Search.


#7 – Once you find your book, click on it to claim it as yours.


#8 – Then, you’ll see this message.

And that’s it! Then, when someone clicks on your author profile on Amazon, they will see your book – or books!

You can see mine here as an example:

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help!