The Posture Pain Fix: How to fix your back, neck and other postural problems that cause pain in your body
The Posture Pain Fix: How to fix your back, neck and other postural problems that cause pain in your body
Publisher: Prominence Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 1517513413
Rosalind Ferry is a Physiotherapist with many years of experience. We helped her realize her dream of getting published, She was a gem to work with!
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About the Book

Are you looking for relief from recurring neck and back pain?

Are you tired of masking chronic aches and nagging discomfort with pills and other treatments that offer only a short-term relief, while sapping your energy and vitality?

Well, it’s time you stopped submitting passively to your physical limitations and took action — by adopting the natural, posture-first approach advocated by respected Canadian physiotherapist Rosalind Ferry.

Vancouver-based Ferry, who specializes in postural realignment, neck and vestibular problems, can help you relieve your stress and recharge your spirit… for the long term.

Ferry will teach you how to re-balance, renew and relax your body by pinpointing those faulty positions that wreak havoc on your health. Her easy-to-follow techniques have worked on scores of pain-sufferers over the years… and helped them feel young again.

The word “posture” comes from the Latin verb meaning “to put or place.” It refers to the way we carry our body, whether sitting, standing, running or jumping.

The importance of correct posture begins the moment we step out of bed in the morning and lasts until we climb back in at the end of the day. It affects the way we use our computers, drive our cars or position ourselves while we simply stare out into space.

When we are babies, we learn instinctively to balance ourselves. But later we tend to lose that child-like harmony. We become awkward and un-coordinated, and feel increasing pain in our backs, necks, shoulders, hips, knees and feet.

Then, we need to wake up to what our bodies are telling us and make every effort to reboot them to recapture the joy of fluid, pain-free movement. Ferry’s carefully crafted, cleverly illustrated book points the way.


"North Shore physiotherapist Rosalind Ferry deals with ravaged bodies every week. People with aches and pains that have rendered them inactive due to mobility issues have all too often turned to surgical choices before exploring all their options. According to Ferry, posture is key to our overall health and well-being. Our bodies have gotten hunched and inflexible from long hours in front of computer screens and other sedentary behaviour. Unlike the animals that we admire for their fluidity of movement, we have gotten stiff and clumsy. Ferry would like to help you improve your posture to help you enjoy a healthier life. In this book, she presents her descriptions along with illustrations by Elysabeth Barnett to show both the correct and incorrect posture for a wide range of activities. From basic sitting and standing to carrying a baby or shoveling snow, Ferry looks at common movements with an eye to good alignment. Ferry completes her book with a series of stretches and exercises designed to help your posture."
–  - Terry Peters, North Shore News
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