The Emotional Journey To Successful Weight Loss
The Emotional Journey To Successful Weight Loss
Working with Daryl Marceau was an absolute pleasure! Daryl is an inspiration to so many people after successfully losing over 150 pounds and writing a book explaining how he did it. This book is changing lives.
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About the Book

The Emotional Journey to Successful Weight Loss gives the reader a new sense of hope in discovering ways to finally conquer food addiction and live the life they always wanted. The book is for anyone who has or is struggling with their weight. The Emotional Journey to Successful Weight Loss is different from many of the other books about weight loss as it focuses on the emotional aspects of food addiction rather than just what to eat or how to exercise. This book is not written by a personal trainer or diet expert who has never themselves been overweight. Instead, author Daryl Marceau is someone you can relate to who has found a way to lose 155 pounds and keep it off. The book is about learning how to heal one’s self on the inside in order to make changes on the outside. After many unsuccessful attempts at weight loss, Daryl Marceau finally figured out the key to weight loss success and now he is sharing all his tips and strategies in this book. He gives the reader strategies that are realistic and achievable. This book involves the reader by taking them on a weight loss journey. The Emotional Journey to Successful Weight Loss is part self-help, part workbook and part biography. The book helps prepare the reader by taking in account all aspects of losing weight needed in order to be the most successful possible. Are YOU ready to start your FINAL weight loss journey?

Publisher: Prominence Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 0995827400
ISBN: 0995827400
List Price: $16.99
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