Silviba: A Forester’s Log
Silviba: A Forester’s Log

By Tony Richmond

When Tony approached our company, he said, "I have finally finished writing my book and I would like you to help me publish it." The remarkable thing about Tony is that he was 81 years old at the time! He was a delight to work with. His book was over 500 pages when he first sent it to us - and it was a lot of work - but he is one of our all-time favorite clients we've ever had. Such a gem!
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About the Book

Silviba: A Forester’s Log is an entertaining and intriguing story of author Tony Richmond’s life as a Canadian forester. The many stories of his adventures, travels and conflicts are colourful and lively. This book is a valuable contribution to preserving the stories of Canadian history and the progress and development of forestry practices over the years. There are many political and economic factors ‘behind the scenes’ that the author uncovers and explains, including his years of association with Canada’s Woodland Cree people.

Richmond offers recommendations for improved public forest administration, and a role for First Nations in developing forest-based enterprises. Richmond also makes a case for dropping the pejorative labels generated by non-Indians in favour of using a new word: ‘Candian.’ Based on his vast experience helping the ‘Candians’ fight for the resources, Richmond pleads for the eradication of the Indian Affairs Department and proposes instead a replacement with a system of sub-treaties between a province and the ‘Candian’ entities involved.

Publisher: Prominence Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781508989189
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