Charred Horses
Charred Horses
$14.99eBook: $2.99
Publisher: Prominence Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781988925080
Working with Jon Ferry on this book was a delight. This was our first time publishing poetry and it was simply too good to pass up!
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About the Book

We live in volatile times and need all the help we can in coping with them. Vancouver poet Jon Ferry, a former international news reporter and newspaper columnist, uses the haunting image of horses burned to death in a British Columbia wildfire as the symbol of a possible nuclear meltdown or other global convulsion. Ferry shares his love of horses and the great outdoors to explore themes of human frailty — and strength — in the face of dramatic change. He suggests we must confront institutional lies and embrace down-to-earth truths about how to live the good life, realizing we are governed by forces beyond our humble understanding. His easy-to-read collection of poems may challenge conventional liberal thinking. But it should provide a healthy measure of comfort to those caught in the world’s current political, financial and spiritual turmoil.

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