And Baby Makes Three, Now What Do We Do? The Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Care of Your New Baby
And Baby Makes Three, Now What Do We Do? The Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Care of Your New Baby
This book was written several years ago by our CEO, Suzanne Doyle-Ingram. It became a best seller (reaching higher than Tori Spelling and Jenny McCarthy's books!) and has sold many hundreds of copies over the years.
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About the Book

As far as baby books go, this book on taking care of your new baby is ideal for new parents. This book will help you welcome home your newborn baby with less stress and more confidence than you ever thought possible. Written by a mother of three young children, “And Baby Makes Three, Now What Do We Do?” addresses the worries and fears that all new parents face and teaches essential skills for taking care of your new baby.


Suzanne Doyle-Ingram’s first baby was extremely high needs, and she cried for hours and hours at a time. Suzanne was completely overwhelmed and alone and did not know what to do. Although she had read as much as possible before her baby was born, nothing prepared her for the crying and stress of not knowing what to do after her newborn baby arrived. Through trial and error, Suzanne and her husband learned sure-fire ways to get their newborn baby to stop crying, how to put her to sleep, how to calm her down, and much more.

If you want to be a confident, successful, and relaxed parent, imitate one! It’s just that simple.
Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You don’t know what to expect and you can’t believe they are going to let you bring this stranger home from the hospital
  • You have no idea how to take care of a newborn baby
  • You have always wanted to have a baby and now you don’t know if it was such a good idea
  • You can’t figure out how to get your baby to stop crying
  • You feel tired, helpless, and alone
  • You sometimes feel like a fake because outwardly you’re saying, “Everything’s great!”
  • You feel like a parenting failure

You are not alone. Everyone has these feelings at one time or another. This baby book will also teach you:

  • 15 SUREFIRE ways to calm crying
  • 10 essential supplies you must have
  • What stuff you really don’t need
  • How to help your new baby fall asleep
  • How to calm your newborn baby
  • How to show your baby respect
  • The best order to feed, bathe, and nap your new baby
  • How to get the rest you need
  • How to solve potential breastfeeding problems
  • What activities to do to stimulate your new baby…

And give you all the skills you need to be the best possible parent you can be!

Take it from someone who has read this baby book:

“I like this book because it gathers a lot of great information into one place that would normally require much more time to read and pull out of various sources. Long-winded books on infant care are not very practical for most new parents because they are overwhelmed and need ideas FAST. “ – Jill Dunnam

This best-selling baby book will help you get through what can be the most stressful time of your life.

Publisher: Prominence Publishing
Publication Year: 2012
ASIN: B00773Z8ZA
ISBN: 9780973745306
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